An ode to the rain

I always tend to associate summers with discontents. This is, on the face of it, quite skewed and distorted a view, but may be I am conditioned that way. It is a conditioning that has taken an eon to shape up, to acquire a form and feature of a neurotic aversion of sorts. I don’t know why it wearies and worries me a lot, always. I dread the approaching summers like a child who dreads the dark, like a bird of prey dreads the lurking predator. Half a decade in Delhi has done nothing to make me brave enough, strong enough, to think differently of the enervating months in my beloved city, which is at the root of my creative cravings and literary aspirations.
While I suffer from a phobia when it comes to rise in mercury levels, I, in an opposite measure, am quite euphoric about the arrival of the monsoon. When the first showers bless the parched, arid land, daffodils dance in my heart. The downpour drops dollops of joys… and I go berserk…I can feel several flowers bloom inside me…It fills all the trenches within, all the ponds, rivers inside…
The raindrops,the puddles of water are a joy to my world…It’s in the rains that I am seized with an urge for an outpouring…of all that fills me…
This year, therefore, when the monsoon made an early entry, i was more than relieved…It was not just a harbinger of a hope to get rid of the heat and the humidity, but also the blessing that the “boondhs” bestows on me…a blessing which ensures that the drops quench all my cravings, satiate the hunger for expression, touching all the “write” chords…
Even as i write these lines, Coleridge’s “An Ode to the Rain” springs forth, filling my mindscape… Unlike Coleridge, however, I can never bring myself to say: “Do go, dear Rain! do go away!”. Even when I have an uninvited, unpleasant visitor over, whom I fear the rain might detain.
Monsoons spell magic in my world…It showers seamless streams of joy — immeasurable, limitless. The nature acquires a new meaning…the flora and fauna wear a new hue…It is fascinating how a few drops of water can quench eons of thirst…how a few days of drizzling can drain decades of despair and desolation…


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