SIGNPOSTS is the brainwave of Nawaid Anjum. You can reach him at nawaidanjum@gmail.com.  Follow him on Twitter: @nawaidanjum Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nawaid.anjum.3 Skype: nawaidanjum Linkedin: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/nawaid-anjum/6/b13/492  His other blog: nawaidanjum.blogspot.com

This is a space for meaningful engagement with, and appreciation of, everything that’s exciting in arts and culture. It’s a conduit for sublime and cerebral conversations on books, music, movies and more. A junction for pieces on aesthetes — writers, artists/es, et al. It’s an arena to celebrate arts. To celebrate the fecundity of imagination. To celebrate the profundity of thoughts. To celebrate the richness and ingenuity of various forms of expression that have the power to transform, transfigure lives. To celebrate the many epiphanies that mark an artwork. To create a whole gestalt that allows you to get a peek into the universe of an artist/e.

Life, says Alice Smith, is a proliferation.

SIGNPOSTS, in short, celebrates the proliferation of arts. And, in the process, life.


If you are a publisher, author or an artist/e, SIGNPOSTS looks forward to hearing from you.



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